Material: MarbleColor: WhiteSpecialty: Gold Painted Meenakari ElephantPackage Contents: 1 Marble Ele..


It is made from Pure white Makrana Marble .The dimensions are l x b x h - 3.75X4.25X4 InchThis marbl..


The white-theme is simply wonderful and makes this traditional piece of art look elegant. The fl..

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Antique Marble Hanciraft

India’s most recognizable landmark, the Taj Mahal, is madeentirely of marble. Built to house the tomb of Mumtaz Mahal, who was thefavourite wife of Indian emperor Shah Jahan, it is one of the New Seven Wondersof the World, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Marble comes from the Greek word for shining stone, and hasbeen used around the globe extensively for various purposes includingconstruction as well as in the creation of sculptures, ornaments, crockery andother items.

It's hardness, durability, smooth texture, rich natural huesand other advantages make it a highly desirable material for the creation ofmany items used for decorative and functional use and it continues to be anextremely popular medium for use by architects, designers and artisans.

Marble & itsHandicrafts In India

Marble has a long history in India, reaching peak use duringthe Mughal rule, when it was used in the construction of temples, palaces,tombs and other monuments.

It was also a popular medium for the creation of sculptures,tiles and other handicraft items. Marble is worked in a variety of ways,including Parchin Kari (inlaying precious stones into marble), hand painting,carving, engraving and others.

Special tools are used to achieve the desired effects, withthe result that marble creations are intricately detailed, with clean finelines and a variety of textures.

Today, marble artifacts are used for home decoration, in thecreation of ornaments and to make a variety of household items.

It is also popularly used in the art of meenakari, which issimply the process of coloring a surface by fusing different types of metalonto it.

Marble HandicraftsItems

The carefully curated collection of marble handicrafts onour portal provides the best opportunity to our customers to pick any gem of anitem, and present it to their family and friends to confirmed exclamations ofadmiration and appreciation.

Moreover, the marble items cover the entire gamut ofartifacts, intended to serve a variety of household requirements ranging fromadding piety to the environment to improving the general home décor. We havetried our utmost to ensure that there is something to interest each one of ourcustomers.


Ranging from chopra, to jewellery boxes, flower vases,decorative plates, statuettes to pillar watch that have much practicalapplication to exquisite showpieces that are bound to improve the visual appealof any room they adorn.

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